1" Grecian Teaching Dance Shoes

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Made to dance these shoes are also made for teaching. They have a split shoe with a leather upper. The leather is comfortable and durable, allowing you to break in the shoes and mold them to your own feet. A 1-inch heel helps reduce any strain on the Achilles tendon from repetitive and prolonged dancing. The muscle is protected by the shoes unique form. A T-bar leather strap made of elastic helps reduce pressure on the instep. The elastic also allows you to adjust and customize the fit of the shoe to your feet. Take these shoes with you to any class and they will hold up as long as you can. Founded in Sydney, in 1932 by Jacob Bloch, Bloch is a pioneer in the technical dance market. Since its inception, the renowned footwear brand has produced handmade pointe shoes for esteemed ballet dancers worldwide. Bloch recently entered an exciting new period of innovation and fashion design with the creation of mainstream footwear, following the demands by current customers to create street-ready shoes.